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BS/2 is a subsidiary of the Penki Kontinentai Group

This company has been providing banking equipment, software and services to banks and companies engaged in retail trade for more than 20 years. The international company BS/2 is an exclusive partner of the Diebold Nixdorf concern. Universal software solutions and services of BS/2 are known and available in 78 countries worlwide.

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Available Services

Hardware and software sales for banks and retail sector

BS/2 supplies the hardware manufactured by Diebold Nixdorf and innovational software developed by “Penki kontinentai” group to banking and retail industries. Company’s software solutions are created to collect, process, store and analyze various types of data, to manage the information flow, to ensure the safety of confidential data and hardware equipment. Read more

Maintenance services and software support

Maintenance services and software support is provided in accordance to clients’ demands for a wide range of bank equipment developed by various manufacturers. Maintenance services are provided in accordance with SEPA, VISA and MasterCard standards. Professional certified specialists provide services at 30 maintenance centers in 8 countries. The company has been providing maintenance services for more than 15 years. Read more

Software development, integration and support

BS/2 develops the software for financial organizations, retail trade and public sectors. The created solutions are dedicated to manage the hardware equipment, optimize the business processes, process various kinds of payments, collect and process the billing data, etc. Another field is the development of mobile applications(Android, iOS, Windows Phone), serving to enhance the functionality of implemented solutions. Read more

IT infrastructure monitoring

Monitoring services ensure the centralized managing and monitoring of basic software and hardware as well as terminal network parameters. Specialists will provide services for monitoring activity and resource consumption; server, network and route selectors; firewall operating time; network capacity; load on network connections and equipment (route selector, commutator, etc.). Read more

Consulting, training

Training for technical specialists, maintenance service personnel, terminal monitoring system administrators, software specialists, data protection standard specialists and other employees. Primary (basic) trainings are provided in English and Russian by certified specialists. Customer selects the site of the courses. Upon the completion of the training, appropriate certificates are issued. Read more


Wide range of outsourcing services – from hardware installation through terminal maintenance, security protection and remote monitoring 24/7. Outsourced terminal network monitoring services help organizations, which are involved in financial sector hardware maintenance, save by not investing in monitoring equipment. They also help optimize work productivity and self-service equipment network efficiency management processes. Read more


The company annually confirms their compliance to the Service Management Standard ISO 20000. Since 2012, the company has been audited and receives certification of compliance to the Standard ISO 27001. This certificate confirms the high quality of services provided by BS/2.



BS/2‘s innovative products and services have been winners of numerous national and international awards.


.iQ – Family Products

A unique platform for collecting and processing main information for business analysis and business processes optimization

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