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Fields of application

financial institutions

retail networks

post office


(casinos, races, pawnshops, etc.)

Cash Management.iQ is suitable for various types of devices:

  • ATM (automated teller machine)
  • ATS (automated teller safe)
  • Payment terminals
  • Ticket dispenser

The business process

Cash flow monitoring
The solution enables real-time monitoring of the balance of cash at each separate point as well as the entire network with every detail on currencies and denominations
Cash flow forecasting
Based on statistical data of the assets movement at each separate cashpoint the system can determine cash shortages and recommend the optimal amount for replenishment. To perform the calculations the system uses the mechanism of prediction based on neural networks
Replenishment planning
Extensive automation tools for planning, coordination and execution of replenishment orders. Depending on the location and cash turnover at any separate cashpoint the system generates the optimal route sheets for collectors
Reports and analytics
At each stage, the system provides relevant reports. An optional Dashboard.iQ business analytical module allows convenient generating of any new required report.
  • daily summary of cash withdrawal
  • amount of cash at the cashpoint
  • cash balance within the network
  • cash flow at the self-service device

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